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'Figment' for cello alone by Elliott Carter


Figment, for solo cello, presents a variety of contrasting, dramatic moments, using material derived from one musical idea.

– Elliott Carter

 This project was produced by Hatty Ruddock and directed by Bryony Ruddock. I was inspired by the contemporary piece written by an american composer Elliott Carter to bring out the electric-like sounds with a scene of darkness. This shooting involved a high quality cinema camera `Red`. I am very grateful for the team`s support in actualising the idea and how accurately we have managed to capture this. 

Dezerterki kosmosu

Dezerterki kosmosu

`Dezerterki kosmosu` is a title of an exhibition by photographer Alex Beryll in Poland, Wroclaw.

 In 2019, I wanted to revive the work I had composed in 2012 for Cello, Loop Pedal and a small mixing desk. I asked my percussionist friend, Antonin Granier who was studying with me in Guildhall  School of Music and Drama to work on this project with me. I had an image in my head of what I wanted this piece to sound like but it was still a little bit clouded and I was finding it hard to describe it to Antonin. One day, my friend had sent me a photo (on the left) which was taken by a photographer Alex Beryll for her poster of an exhibition in Poland. This was exactly the visualisation of how I wanted my piece to sound like. I sent this image straight to Antonin and the next day we started to shape sounds from this image. First we defined different motives in this image, for example vividness, dark blue, brightness, sparkling dots, electricity... We came up with different sounds to represent each element and put them in a horizontal time line. We used loop pedal, some mix on a computer software, cello and a percussive instrument called Udu drum.  

 I am hoping to develop this even further in the future.​

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